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Artist Statment or Not

April 3rd, 2012

Does an "Artist" need an "Artist's Statement"?

I, myself, do not wish to tell the viewer, of my works, what to think, how to feel, or how the work should make them react. The work is my vision, just that...nothing more - nothing less. I welcome any and all comments...just please keep it context and be nice...Thanks.


January 27th, 2012

today I realized that i haven't been writing in my journal for quite some time and that I should do that, today and everyday. I have been very grateful for each and every day that i wake up; more so now that I have had open heart surgery. My art has been my life almost my whole life. Without being able to express myself through my art, poetry, photography, drawing, painting, or carving one of my eggshells, I would have gone insane waiting to recover.I am grateful for every sunrise and set, the snowflakes that fall gently from cloudy skies and everything in between. Finding a place to view my art and that of the many others featured here has been a bright spot this winter week. I am grateful for being able to post my work here and finally share it with the world.
Thank You.